And this is the day I've been waiting for since we heard that Darq E Freaker had beats on Danny Brown's forthcoming Fool's Gold album Old. And I have to say, I was right: back in January, when Darq E rinsed out Rinse FM, one of the instrumentals was featured on Old. That instrumental, which we believe is called "Girls," ended up as the backing beat for this track "Hand Stand," which Danny himself seems to have confirmed is on Old via this tweet. Ironically, we heard this the other day during Darq E Freaker's set on the Boiler Room from July (which is where this rip comes from). Massive. Highly anticipating Danny's album at this point. And if you're like "Danny's cool on these electronic beats, but I don't know anything about the guy," check out this documentary about him from 2009, back before he linked up with Fool's Gold.