Earlier this month, Detroit rappers Danny Brown and Big Sean got into a verbal beef after Brown made a few comments about Sean's music in an interview with Fader. They've since squashed any issues, and Brown recently explained in an interview on Sway in the Morning that his words were taken out of context.

"He took it the wrong way," Brown tells Sway. "At the end of the day when you read the interview, the question that came up was more so about music. I don't look at [Sean] like a guy that makes Detroit music, he's just like a guy on the radio. But he took it as like a slash to his credibility in the hood. If you look at what I said, I said I wouldn't be in the hood either. Shit, niggas is starving."

He continued, "He got to talking he giving turkeys out and all this shit. Like, who don't come to the hood on the holidays? Everybody come to the hood on the holidays. That don't mean shit. We cool though."

Danny Brown also touched on his recent sexual rendevous with a fan onstage when a radio caller asked if he plans on getting more blowjobs from audience members while on tour with Action Bronson this fall. "That's not the type of thing that I plan for," he admits. "I live a spontaneous lifestyle, so if something presents itself like that then I might take advantage of it."

Watch the full clip above, where the Detroit artist also talks about doing drugs and his love for Oakland. Danny Brown's upcoming album Old will be released September 30.

[via NahRight]

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