It's not often that we get DJs dropping mixes for us that are dominated by their own sounds, but UK DJ/producer S.K.T isn't most DJs. He started out as a DJ at a young age and proceeded to prove himself at a number of the under 18 competitions in the UK, including placing fourth in the Technics/DMC under 18 battle and placing sixth in Radio 1's under 18 "Search for a DJ" competition. He's dabbled in production as well, with AATW/Universal picking up his song "Everything You Do" in 2009, which found him embarking on the next phase of his career. His remix of Somore's "I Refuse (What You Wan’t, What You Need)," which you hear at the beginning of this mix, is set to drop later this year on Sony, and his Up-Tempo Records imprint has a grip of tracks on the horizon (as you can see via the tracklist on this mix). He's been on a roll for most of 2013, and we're excited to see him get even more exposure. Based on his batch of tracks, dude's definitely got the production chops. Great, soulful selection to get your weekend popping.

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1) Somore I refuse (DJ S.K.T Remix)
2) Miguel - Adorn (DJ S.K.T Remix)
3) DJ S.K.T - NoseBleed (Signature Sounds EP) [Audio Rehab]
4) Lisa Mercedez & Time Takers - Lets get drunk (DJ S.K.T Remix) [Up-Tempo Records]
5) DJ S.K.T - Dreaming (Revolution EP) [Up-Tempo Records]
6) DJ S.K.T - Kick it (Signature Sounds EP) [Audio Rehab]
7) Dreamers - Running [Up-Tempo Records]
8) DJ S.K.T - Popped a Molly
9) DJ S.K.T - Trouble (Signature Sounds EP) [Audio Rehab]
10) DJ S.K.T - Hurricane (Revolution EP) [Up-Tempo Records]
11) DJ S.K.T - Raveties (Revolution EP) [Up-Tempo Records]
12) Riaz Dhanani & DJ S.K.T - Hero at Night (Distorted Minds EP) [Audio Rehab]
13) DJ S.K.T - Revolution (Revolution EP) [Up-Tempo Records]
14) Riaz Dhanani & DJ S.K.T - Human Machine (Distorted Minds EP) [Audio Rehab]
15) Zee Musiq - High (DJ S.K.T Remix) [Up-Tempo Records]
16) DJ S.K.T Ft Shaun Escoffery - Streets Paved with Gold [Up-Tempo Records]
17) Crimzon Ft Meron - Shower your Love (DJ S.K.T Remix) [Up-Tempo Records]
18) Andy J & S-Tee - Its still you (DJ S.K.T Remix) [Loodma Recs]