The trifecta known as Evol Intent helped establish the force that is American drum & bass, but the crew's solo work has seen the guys turn into a monster that took on any style of dance music. Treasure Fingers has a great knack for vibrant house and disco tracks, while Bro Safari has been instrumental in helping moombahton, trap, and dubstep rise. Gigantor morphed into Computer Club, and while he's not been "out there" like his Evol Intent compatriots, he's definitely made some bangers. He's not about one style, either, making sure that he knocks out whatever moves him, and earlier this year he cooked up his Exploratory Records imprint. With this newfound drive to push himself and the sounds that move him, we wanted to help put out a new mix from the producer/DJ and get some thoughts on what he's been up to. For what it's worth, he's been WAY busier than you might think.

Earlier this year, you kicked off your own label, Exploratory Records. What made you to start the imprint this year?
I felt like I wanted an outlet to release whatever sort of music I wanted, in any specific genre, and this coincided with me launching Computer Club as a multi-genre act. When dealing with labels, people would be interested in one tune but not another, and another label would be interested in the other tune, etc. For me this made a convenient method for me to push my vision for a collection of songs without compromise, and it lets me get as weird as I could possibly want, haha.

What kind of tracks are you looking to sign? Will you be looking at one particular style of dance music?
Mostly anything I find interesting, across all genres, especially since that's what made me start the label. I haven't really sought out anything for the label recently, but I am open to submissions, and I plan on pushing the label more once I have the time for it.

Over the years, we’ve definitely seen you getting tracks out on Never Say Die, Play Me, System, Nervous, and other imprints, but it’d be fair to say the amount of releases hasn’t been as huge as your Evol Intent homies Bro Safari and Treasure Fingers. Are you planning on stepping up your release schedule?
The short answer is I've been burning the candle at both ends, haha. I have been splitting my focus between Evol Intent and Computer Club, and as I handle the majority of touring/label/business duties for Evol Intent at the same time, it has kept me fairly busy. Believe it or not I'm stepping up the music release schedule with both projects, and I can't wait for everyone to hear the new music on all fronts!

You’ve been through a few boom periods with America and dance music, from the drum & bass push to today’s EDM craze. What do you feel is different about this phase compared to previous one(s)?
There is a lot more interest overall in dance music in America now, and with the explosion comes all the good and bad things with it. That little, rave-y pond in America became an ocean, and there are lots more fish (and sharks) swimming in it. Overall things feel a lot more competitive than they once were. I used to feel more camaraderie overall with other artists, it's just not there like it used to be. I think this is partially due to the competition and cliques that emerged with labels/management/booking agencies getting more involved. Either way I hope the interest doesn't wane, otherwise the slide down is going to be really rocky for a lot of people.

You create a number of different EDM styles. As a producer, is there one that you have more fun working within?
Most importantly I feel like only working in one style of music is the least fun of all (I'm looking at you, jungalos). It's most fun for me to do various styles as I feel like it, as it gives me more perspective when I go back and forth between styles of dance music.

What are your plans for the future, both as a producer and labelhead?
As a producer I plan on putting out a lot more music, on all fronts really. As a label head keep watching, I hope to have a few surprises for you guys once I have time to execute them.

Where can the heads out there see you perform in the near future?
In the near future I'm playing a party in my hometown of Birmingham early next month for Computer Club, and I'm playing a quick run of dates in St. Louis, Houston, and Dallas as Evol Intent at the end of this month.

Do androids dance?
They do when they hear my tunes!


00:00-01:45 - 01: Dirtyphonics feat. Foreign Beggars - No Stoppin Us (Steve Aoki remix)
01:45-03:00 - 02: FOOL - Feelings (Lets Be Friends remix)
03:00-04.15 - 03: Jon Electra - Monster
04:15-06:00 - 04: Computer Club & MUST DIE! - Payback
06:00-07:30 - 05: Borgore - Legend (Dirtyphonics remix)
07:30-09:15 - 06: Dog Blood - Middle Finger pt.2 (The M Machine remix)
09:15-10:30 - 07: Valentino Khan - We're Both Captains Now
10:30-11:30 - 08: Vice vs. Kairo Kingdom - Take That (Kids At The Bar remix)
11:30-14:00 - 09: Dio - Rainbow In The Dark (Computer Club's Raveboh remix)
14:00-15:00 - 10: Karetus - Rave On
15:00-17:00 - 11: 12th Planet, Protohype & Killagraham - Brick (original train)
17:00-18:15 - 12: JFK - Radar (Autoerotique remix)
18:15-21:52 - 13: Computer Club - REMOTE VIEWER (WIP)
21:53-23:53 - 14: Cedric Gervais & Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better
23:53-24:38 - 15: Shreddie Mercury - Mesonoxian
24:39-26:07 - 16: Our Time - Can't Fight The Feeling
26:08-27:30 - 17: Bare - APVCHE
27:30-28:30 - 18: MEOWSKI666 - Meow Machine
28:30-30:14 - 19: J.Rabbit - Ladies Night
30:15-31:46 - 20: Knife Party - LRAD (Heroes x Villains remix)
31:47-32:39 - 21: Two Fresh & HeRobust - Throw That
32:40-33:32 - 22: Mayhem & Antiserum - Pakistan
33:33-34:39 - 23: Crush - Does This Feel Real ft. Camden Cox (Luminox remix)
34:40-35:45 - 24: MUST DIE! - Water Temple VIP
35:45-36:23 - 25: Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais remix) [ETC!ETC! TRAPPED IT VIP]
36:24-37:31 - 26: Kill The Noise - Rockers (Bro Safari & UFO! remix)
37:32-39:02 - 27: Fresh vs. Diplo - Earthquake (original)
39:02-40:09 - 28: Fresh vs. Diplo - Earthquake feat. Dominique Young (TC remix)
40:09-41:38 - 29: Daft Punk - Doin It Right (Computer Club's Doin It Wrong remix)
41:39-43:30 - 30: Doctor P & Adam F - The Pit feat. Method Man (Doctor P's VIP)
43:31-45:05 - 31: Major Lazer - Watch Out For This (Flinch remix)
45:05-46:08 - 32: Prima Volta & Protohype - Bigger Than You Me (Proper Villains remix)
46:09-47:20 - 33: Kill The Noise - Talk To Me (Brillz remix)
47:21-48:30 - 34: Stanton Warriors - Cut Me Up (ETC!ETC! remix)
48:31-50:18 - 35: Codes - C.U.F.I.
50:19-51:33 - 36: Jack Beats - Careless (AC Slater remix)
51:33-53:49 - 37: Dillon Francis feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Without You