Chance The Rapper has had an incredible 2013 thus far. His critically acclaimed Acid Rap has now been nominated for a BET Award, having been previously bootlegged onto the Billboard charts. Just last week, he performed three spot dates opening up for Eminem in Europe. It seemed like everything went just fine for Chance, who got to perform in front of a crowd of over 90,000 people and introduce Kendrick Lamar to ZMoney's music (regrettably, the Vine video has been taken down). Chance is in his natural element on stage, with great stage presence, high energy, and brilliant chemistry with his DJ, DJ Oreo.

Chance has now performed several nights in Paris, by himself and opening up for Eminem. Above is a video of him covering Kanye West's "All Falls Down," giving the classic song his own spin at Rock en Seine. Using his own pronounciation and adding harmonies and his patented "IGH" adlib, Chance makes the song his own. It is fitting that Chance decided to honor his hero from Chicago in one of Kanye's favorite cities.

One of the highlights of his performance at Stade de France came courtesy DJ Oreo, when he suddenly left the DJ booth, took a running head start, and leaped over Chance, flipping in midair. It is spontaneous moments like this that make for a captivating live show. Watch the breathtaking display of stage athleticism below.

[via FSD]

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