The Save Money click is known primarily because of Chance The Rapper, the biggest star to emerge. Vic Mensa has also been building steady buzz with his singles "Hollywood LA" and "Orange Soda." If you're familiar with Chance and Vic's work, you'll have an idea of the crew's creative direction: A little boom-bap, they definitely have a sound that appeals to fans of hip-hop that isn't partiularly car or club oriented. 

Caleb James goes in another direction on his tape The Jones. With production that sounds like a throwback to the late-90s pop-rap era, The Jones shows a promising tape with a sound that dips outside of the expected template. The Xtreme-produced "6AM," however, goes for more of a West Coast sound, reinventing Snoop Dogg's classic "Gin and Juice" for a new era. Apparently, the same engineer who worked on the original "Gin and Juice" also engineered this track.