Nobody does real talk like Reggie Ossé a.k.a. Combat Jack. The former rap industry attorney, media executive, author, and Internet radio talk-show personality now hosts The Combat Jack Show, where hip-hop's biggest names are put on the front line. The questions will be tough—and shots will be fired. Co-hosted by Dallas Penn, Premium Pete, and Just Blaze, The Combat Jack Show appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Complex TV. 

In the final installment of our three part interview with Busta Rhymes on The Combat Jack Show, Busta breaks down the 1991 classic posse cut "Scenario," which he explains was perfectly orchestrated by A Tribe Called Quest's frontman. "Q-Tip had a vision for this song, and the vision was brilliant as hell," Busta declares. "He knew that he was calling it 'Scenario,' he knew what he was doing with that hook, he knew what he was doing with the beat."

Over time, Busta explains his relationship with Tribe grew stronger as his association with Leaders of the New School began to dissolve. "Whenever I was going through the shit that I was going through with Leaders, I would go get with Tribe to get to embrace being who I was and not having to compromise that," Busta states. "They embraced all of it, to the point where they put me on like 10 fucking features on all the Tribe albums. I was like the unofficial fifth Tribe member."

Busta's conversation with Combat Jack ends on a somber note as the rapper details his own account of Chris Lighty's unexpected passing last August. Busta describes Lighty as a "father" and big brother" figure, as the two spent 22 years together at Violator. "It still didn't register all the way, until you saw them bring his body out of the house," Busta says. "The whole problem of his passing to me is that I just think it was handled a little weird by the authorities. I think that there's unresolved questions that still need to be answered."

Busta Rhymes' new album E.L.E.2 (Extinction Level Event 2) will be released later this year. You can watch the video for his lead single "Twerk It" featuring Nicki Minaj here.

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