What the fuck did I just listen to? Club kicks, aggressive and wonky synths that flirt with each other, and Swizz Beats' vocals from DMX's "Get It On The Floor". At 70 beats per minute. It jumps around then lands at what we could consider an electro dubstep record with trap drums. What just happened? Bro Safari doesn't quite know how to classify it either:

"As far as a genuine description goes, we aren't sure how to label this thing. It's a tempo that works with Trap, Kuduro, Dubstep and things like that, but it doesn't really sound like any of those things either."

With the exception of his work with Excision, Louisville's Space Laces has been pretty quiet in the past year. We have no clue why, but this collaboration with Bro Safari might turn into the biggest record of his career. Less than 24 hours old, it's spreading like wildfire. It's also available for free download. A .WAV is also provided for your enthusiasts. Get it while it's hot.

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