At first , everything looks like a normal day for New York rapper Black Dave in this video, the first off of his upcoming Black Bart mixtape. He walks in on his friend in the bathroom, he skates downtown, and he flirts with girls in the park. Unfortunately, things soon go awry—apparently that's also part of a day in the life of Dave, a former professional skateboarder.

Directed by Jason Ano, and co-directed by Dave himself, the video's an homage to the 1995 movie Kids, a fitting trip back in time to match the song's hook recalling the days of "Yo! MTV Raps." The video features original Kids actors Peter Bici and Leo Fitzpatrick, as well as Nick Catchdubs, who is helping with Black Bart. The mixtape is due out September 17.

Check out the video for the Shy Beats-produced "Take It Back" above.

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