Beatboxing is awesome. Problem is, very people can even attempt to do it, and most of the ones who do attempt to do it suck at it. That's why when someone mentions beatboxing the first thing that comes to people's minds is a bunch of seventh graders standing around and someone yelling, "Yo Jeremy! Drop me a dope beat!" Then this hypothetical Jeremy proceeds to cover his mouth and make noises that sound more like a engine that won't start than an actual drum pattern. Oh, and he's spitting everywhere. Ugh, that kid Jeremy is such an asshole. 

Fortunately, YouTube is chock full of videos that prove that some people can really beatbox. Whether it's making original sounds, reinterpretations of hip-hop classics, or whatever noises are considered dubstep noises, people can do some pretty cool shit with their mouths. That's why we've complied 10 Awesome Beatboxing Videos We Found on Youtube. 

Written by Max Goldberg (@goopygold)

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