For better or worse, lyrics are often the ultimate focal point fans and critics use for judging rappers. Earl is a classic lyricist. His slowed delivery makes every word that falls from his mouth easily audible and ready for digestion. He also boasts internal rhymes that would make the most technical rappers proud.

Ferg, on the other hand, is much less traditional. Classic rhyming is not his cup of tea. His words are more heavy handed, hard hitting squaks that hit you more in the stomach than in the brain.

The difference in the MC's approach is best seen when they both talk about death on their albums. On "Burgandy," Earl is technical and longwinded about his grandmother's health, "Grandma's passing/But I'm too busy trynna get this fucking album cracking to see her/So I apologize in advance if anything should happen."

Ferg, talking about the death of his father, saying, "Thinking about my goddamn father again/Why he couldn't see a nigga in Medusa lenses/Why he couldn't see a nigga cop his first Benz." Both express the same idea and deal with the same emotions, they just do it differently.