Last week, Do Androids Dance posted that they were in search of writers, preferably a female writer, I don’t know what came over me, but I decided to just go for it, a couple of email exchanges with khal, and now here I am... shit... what now? Where do I even begin?

Well for starters allow me to introduce myself, my name is Alessandra, I’m most commonly known as Ma-less (pronounced Malice), I’m a female DJ and producer based out of Orlando, FL. I am 1/3 of the Moombah Mafia alongside Dr. Khan and Big Makk, I’m a resident at an internationally known tropical bass night known as Shake ‘n Bass, which is held every Sunday night in downtown Orlando. I’ve produced a couple of remixes and created an EP, all of which have been blogged through various blogs over the past year or so. I also have a monthly radio show called “The Wonderland” on EOSfm Radio. Why do I take these few minutes to shamelessly plug myself? Merely to point out that I’m not just another bimbo that decided it’d be cute to be a blogger.

I come to you because there are so many women in this industry who are straight killing it, whether it’s DJing, producing, running record labels, sound engineers, event planners, promoters, we may make up a small percentage of this male dominated industry, a measly 20% according to a study conducted by female:pressure, but we are here and here to stay. A lot of women within that 20% are truly talented and driven, and yet when I come across write ups about female DJs it’s about how Paris Hilton packed 19 suitcases for one fucking gig in Ibiza, yes, because that’s totally reflective of her musical skill level (or lack thereof). So my mission is to share with you my own and other women’s perspective and experiences, our music, and our talent and capabilities. I rallied the troops and contacted every legitimate female DJ, producer, record label owner, sound engineer I know and asked them two simple questions:

1.) What are the 10 of the most annoying things we hear as women in the industry?


2.) On the flip-side, what are 10 things you feel people should know about female DJs/producers/sound engineers/etc. in order for everyone to coexist in a more harmonious way?

Let me tell you, we shared some great laughs and great stories, I hope by sharing this with you, you’ll gain some insight as to the crazy shit we deal with, so without further ado, let’s begin.