Coming at you today with a little bit of August heat is Alex Metric's August mix and all the funky disco love that one android human could pack into roughly 70 minutes of cosmic, universal love. If you can't tell by my music selection, I likes me some fat, funky piano loops and this August mix has them to spare. Stack on guitar riffs that breathe life into funk and funk into life and you may or may not have found yourself the last mix you need this summer baby, birds.

If I've said it once, I'll say it a million times - disco just does summer better than any other style...and Metric goes disco crazy for your ear holes and eye balls with that disco pogo for punks in pumps and bass that takes a walk on those easy synths.

And if you're in LA this Saturday, and feel like checking out HARD Summer, he'll be burning holes in the grass Saturday night alongside an ample stack of equally jump-worthy associates. Check the mix and the HARD Summer line-up below.