UK trance trio Above & Beyond has announced that they are bringing their acoustic show to the US this fall with two shows in Los Angeles at The Greek Theater and that they are releasing another studio album by the end of the year.  Following in line with the likes of Pearl Jam, Adele, and Paul McCartney, Above & Beyond will perform at the 6,000 capacity open-air venue complete with a vocal performance from Zoe Johnston and an eight-piece band. The trio themselves will perform with a variety of instruments including a piano, a guitar, and a cello. The performance will also give fans an exclusive opportunity to hear material from the trio's forthcoming studio album. While we have no further details on the album or the adventure, the trio did offer this:

"When we first set off on our acoustic adventure, we never thought we would eventually be bringing the show to one of the most iconic open-air music venues in America. Performing under the stars at the Greek Theatre is going to be a very special experience for us and, we hope, for everyone who's able to join us."

The event itself is not only sure to be a demonstration and celebration of beautiful music, but a testament to the true musicianship and credibility of Above & Beyond and dance music's potential as high art. No longer relegated to the drug-stigmatized, dingy, illegal warehouse raves, dance music has progressed to bars, to concert venues, to college campuses to festivals, and again, now to classical recital halls to greater, further expanding the music's overall cultural impact and significance.  This performance should also continue to help re-cast dance music in a better light as critics will no longer be able to deny that the music isn't tied to the scene's drug-infested beginnings.  A celebration worth attending to be sure, you can sign up for priority access to pre-sale tickets at The pre-sale will open on August 14 and any remaining tickets will go on general sale on August 16.  The October 12 and 13 shows will run from 8-11PM and are being co-promotion by Nederlander Concerts and Insomniac Events. For now, preview the acoustic version of "Love Is Not Enough" from the trio's last album, Group Therapy.