2 Chainz does not get a lot of "me time," not even on an album with the words "me time" in the title. Chainz's (Chainz'? Is there a proper possessive form?) follow-up to B.O.A.T.S. is stacked with features, which is interesting for a guy who was the feature of 2012 rap, but perhaps he's cashing out on the hundreds of relationships he's developed during that streak.

What is amazing is that Chainz flipped the script on everyone who thought his signature sound would fall off. Doing a single with Pharrell was an interesting way to play with his already established style, and it totally worked. Hopefully for him, and us, this album takes the 2 Chainz brand and feeds it back to us with a seasoning different enough to call it a step forward, but subtle enough to keep the fans that can't get enough of the ad-libs and punchlines that made him pop to begin with.

Oh, and Fergie's on the album, with a bunch of other people. Look below at the tracklist, given to you in the worst font Apple has ever popularized.

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