Age: 32
Albums: Already Platinum (2005), Boss of All Bosses (2009), Tha Thug Show (2010).

Even if the point of the title of Already Platinum, Slim Thug's 2005 major label debut, was that he was living as comfortably as a platinum rapper anyway, it had to have stung for the Houston rapper to have stalled out at gold in the year that Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Chamillionaire all released million-selling albums. And when you consider that he was also the only one of them with the powerhouse backing of Star Trak and the Neptunes behind him, or collaborations with Beyonce and Gwen Stefani, the success of Slim Thug's mainstream breakthrough seems even more underwhelming. Soon after, he went back to the independent circuit, without even so much as an attempt at a second Geffen album. Maybe his heart just wasn't in anything but making music for Houston, but for a while it certainly seemed like he was destined for more.