Age: 36
Albums: The Greatest Story Never Told (2011), The Greatest Story Never Told Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses (2012).

Saigon's all too aptly titled album The Greatest Story Never Told has a place in the hip-hop pantheon not as the classic it was anticipated as for years, but as an emblem of everything wrong with the fearbased mentality of the release date-shuffling major label industry. While the hotly tipped New York rapper had the world waiting on his Just Blaze-helmed debut, Atlantic Records kept him on the shelf year after year, as he lobbed out increasingly desperate singles into an uncaring radio marketplace, from 2006's Trey Songz-featuring "Pain In My Life" to 2009's auto-tuned "Gotta Believe It," which ironically was accompanied by foolhardy claims to "single-handedly reinvent hip-hop." Needless to say, when the album finally dropped on an independent label in 2007, no such thing happened.