Earlier this year, everyone thought Lil Wayne had died. Thanks to some misleading reporting by TMZ, the rap world began to grieve the loss of one of its biggest superstars. While thankfully Wayne made a full recovery, the moment highlighted something that is overlooked in the hate comment fueled culture of hip-hop. Because of the amount of time we spend watching, listening to, and arguing about these rappers, rap fans often have a personal connection with their favorite MCs.

A result of that connection is that we want the best for that specific artist and then getting worried when things don’t seem to be going well for them. The issues aren’t always as serious as Wayne’s health, much more often the problem is label beef delaying an album or a stalling career, but it still has us all up on pins and needles. They always say the best way to deal with frustrations is to vent, so that’s exactly what we did. Our venting, of course, takes the form of a list. Check out the 10 Rappers We’re Worried About

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