YC The Cynic refuses to be put in a box. Several weeks after Complex premiered his leftfield "God Complex" video, the Bronx native returns with a visual for "Molotovs At Poseidon." This song finds YC return to his gritty New York City rap roots, with an aggressive delivery that utilizes a more traditional rap flow and cadence over a gritty Frank Drake beat.

What connects the first release with the second release? The subject matter. Once again YC portrays the role of a divine figure, talking to someone who is not on the same level as he is. On "God Complex," YC was pensive, reflecting on his vulnerabilities and the pressure he is under. On "Molotovs At Poseidon," YC shows none of that vulnerability, asking "Do you know who you fucking with" repeatedly throughout the whole song. It's as if the character is laughing at the peons trying to challenge him.

The video itself is shot in one-take, and features a dramatic role reversal. Initially, YC is held at gunpoint by a masked assailant, but within moments the captor becomes a captive as YC's friends arrive on the scene, and they are strapped. From there, YC takes a gun from the attacker's hand and proceeds to taunt the man for his foolish attempt.

YC's GNK project should be dropping soon.

[via Noisey]

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