Autre Ne Veut: "I was in grad school at the time for clinical psychology and also seeing a therapist. I was really dead set on this idea that I had some sort of disorder, that I was fucked up.


I was like, ‘How can I be so unhappy all the time if I don’t [have a personality disorder]?'


"I was like, ‘How can I be so unhappy all the time if I don’t?’ So I’m in therapy and basically my therapist was like, ‘No man, you don’t have any real disorder. There’s nothing wrong with you. You don’t have a personality disorder.’

“So I was in grad school stressing out. My first record came out while I was in grad school and on one level, I really wanted that to work out, but was also telling myself that I didn’t care. Just stupid, normal first world problems.

"It was all building up at the same time and I was feeling totally overwhelmed by everything in my life. It just seemed like that was the honest theme, everything was hard to deal with. That record was just a way for me to deal with that stuff.”