Autre Ne Veut: "I’m still proud of my older recordings because they got me to the head place that I needed to be to make Anxiety, but for me Anxiety feels like the first, fully expressed iteration of this project. A lot of the songs on my first self-titled record are from like 2004. That’s almost 10 years ago when I was writing them, even though they all came out in 2010. It was just me messing around at home thinking about other stuff and then making music in my spare time. I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing in so many different ways.

"I worked with this guy Chris Coady, who is an incredible producer and mixing engineer. He did all the early Yeah Yeah Yeahs and TV on the Radio stuff and he does all the Beach House stuff as well. Really top tier producer and mix engineer and earlier New York or East Coast indie world. He was the only person that made any of my first record listenable at all. If even you think it is, a lot of people don’t. Anything that’s listenable is due to his incredible mixing job with some really rough Reason tracks.”