We currently live in a musical environment where repurposed soul, funk, and R&B from an older generation seems to define progression of the genres themselves. Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Songs that follow this structure, like "Suit and Tie," "Blurred Lines," or "Get Lucky," are difficult not to enjoy. But from out the hurricane of music following suit, we find a refreshing drizzle in 31-year-old Arthur Ashin from Brooklyn, NY, known to his fans as Autre Ne Veut.

Although Autre Ne Veut has been making music for years, his latest effort, Anxiety, is garnering attention from some of the biggest musical outlets as one of the best records of the year. In fact, we ranked it at No. 4 on our list of the Best Albums of 2013 (So Far). Combining elements of pop, soul, R&B, funk, electronic, and indie, Autre Ne Veut manages to marry and progress genres of music to a place they have never been before, rather than revisiting a past form of music to reassemble it in a new way.

His rich melodies, thick harmonies, layered production, and vibrant hooks all rest nicely in a sing-a-long package of eclectic emotions and swaying moods. However, following Arthur's break out record, one thing remains to be thoroughly explored. Who is Autre Ne Veut?

As told to Ben Meredith

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