Album: Unplugged
Label: Roc-A-Fella,Def Jam
Producer: Ski Beatz

Tucked at the very end of Jay-Z's live album, Jay-Z: Unplugged, "People Talkin" is exactly like what the Johnny Guitar Watson's "Loving You" sample says in the opening seconds, "Its like finding feathers on a house cat...Its like searching for a needle in a haystack." Essentially one long verse, it's the last of Jay-Z and Ski Beatz' fruitful working relationship. The soul sample—which is half the song's appeal, the other half being Jay's laser point precision—makes the song sound like a Kanye or Just Blaze produced outtake from The Blueprint, even though Jay plugs its lackluster sequel towards the end of the track. According to Ski, it was one of Dame Dash's favorite songs and he wanted to shoot a video for it but for whatever reason Jay didn't want to. Too bad because if he had, maybe the song would get the props it deserves. —Insanul Ahmed