TJR is one of those guys you hear a lot about now and you'll continue hearing about for a long time.  After having a #1s with "Funky Vodka" and "Ode To Oi," the Californian producer has also served up smashers like his edit of Will Sparks' "Ah Yeah!" and of course, his platinum Pitbull number, "Don't Stop The Party." This week the Rising Music star has uploaded a full preview for his much anticipated follow up single, "What's Up Suckaz." Championing the burgeoning Melbourne house scene once again (the younger down under cousin of dutch house), TJR finesses the line between re-hashing and re-creating his signature sound to make a familiar yet new banger. "What's Up Suckaz" has those perfect tongue-in-cheek, fun-loving vibes TJR has become known for while also packing a heavy punch.