In a random move that will possibly bring rage and hatred to those who look for Tiesto's Musical Freedom imprint as somewhere that trap wouldn't reside, Tiesto's Musical Freedom imprint is dropping a Trap Remix EP on July 30, featuring the likes of Luminox, Pelari, Ethyr, and Basscamp reworking tracks like "Epic" by Sandro Silva & Quintino, Tiesto & DJ Punish's "Shocker" and "Turn It Up." What are your thoughts? Should a label named "Musical Freedom" have the ability to put out whatever sounds they want, or do they need to stick with what's worked for them? It's obvious that Tiesto has enough support (or sees enough dollar signs) to even bring this project to fruition. We're kind of surprised that Luminox was the biggest name on this EP, though. We have previews of all four tracks down below; what are your thoughts?