Creativity is compulsive. It stems from something that haunts us inside--a proverbial itch that can never quite be scratched. As Fitz & The Tantrums' lead singer Michael Fitzpatrick puts it: "We're creative people. If I don't make something on a regular basis, then I don't feel complete as a human being." Perhaps that's why, only five years after the band was formed in his living room, it has leapt to an entirely different level.

But while creativity is about compulsion, craftsmanship is about dedication. Many people are creative but never actualize that potential. Craftsmen do, through perseverance and hard work. Craftsmanship is "a skill," Fitz says, "something you have to take great care with." And that care is evident in each member of Fitz & The Tantrums, both as individual artists and as a piece of something bigger. "Whether they're the sax player, the singer, the bass player, the drummer--everybody has dedicated their life to be good at what they do. ...The whole is greater than any single part."

For more on Fitz and his bandmates' thoughts on musical craftsmanship, be sure to check out the video above. It's the first in an ongoing series presented by Blue Moon, fittingly titled "The Craftsmen," so be sure to check back for more insightful installments in the coming weeks.