Aberdeen's Tuff Wax imprint, which is run by Lockah and Bones & Money, has been on the lips of many a sly tastemaker for some time. Their catalog has featured the likes of Jaw Jam, Zubuntu, and of course the label heads, and has been able to sustain high quality output on a consistent basis. Their latest release is part of a "freebie" series, featuring the one like T_A_M, who's style isn't easy to pin down as he is all over the place. Take "Midgar" for example; it builds like it's going to smack you with a euphoric house number before delving into a grime-y territory. The flipside, "Roze," is on another planet entirely. It's eerie all over, moving from a house zone into something else altogether. Captivating stuff that can be yours for whatever price you see fit.

(Potholes In My Blog)