Telekinesis are an incredibly talented drum & bass duo from Slovenia (Ljubljana, to be exact) that have been making incredible tunes for years. The amount of attention to them in the past few months has been long overdue, but they landed in Dieselboy's Beyond The Black Bassline mix, and on a podcast from drum & bass legends Black Sun Empire back to back this spring. Their Judgement Day EP is out now as a Beatport exclusive via Blackout Music, a small label in the Netherlands.

This feeling like drum & bass is about to resurrect itself on a massive level keeps tugging at my heart, and tunes like this are particularly special to me given my background in the genre.  It reminds me of the tunes I loved a half dozen years ago, but with today's standards in production quality.  Every tune on here is incredible.  If you're looking for a free download, you can download "Eyes Closed" via their Facebook page.