Capital Steez might have passed away prematurely, but his impact continues to be felt thanks to the growing Beast Coast movement. Just two days after Joey Bada$$ dropped his Summer Knights project, Brooklyn rapper SMTH has released his collaboration with Steez, a song titled "The Last Straw." The song is supposedly the last one Steez recorded, which he did five days before his passing.

With that context, the title itself becomes foreboding, and Steez's verse seems to drop some insight on his thought process in the days leading up to his eventual suicide. He opens the verse by saying "I said 'hats off' and let this be the last straw/I'm sick and tired of having to sneak in through the back door/Scratch that I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired/How you're not gonna give me mine every time I rip a line?" Clearly, Steez had a chip on his shoulder due to being overlooked by many despite his role in bringing together a rap renaissance in the Big Apple.

He goes further, attacking the status-quo of the rap game and those who focus on materialism and commercial success. Steez then takes aim at the fans who give these artists the ability to become big: "I've been here to provide them facts/But you like sing-alongs and campfire raps," he says. Closing the verse by pointing out that it only took him fifteen minutes to write it, Steez sounds angry at the end.

"The Last Straw" is featured on SMTH's The Smith Project mixtape, which also features Maffew Ragazino and Sean Price. Listen to the song below. In the meantime, Steez's posthumous King Capital project should be coming out for sale soon.

[via Billboard]

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