For DJs living in Serato land, we imagine you've recently updated your software, but if you own an iPad, you'll need to fork over $20 for Serato Remote, Serato's first iPad app. Don't ditch your laptops yet, though; this works in conjunction with your Serato-loaded (and digital file-holding) laptop, acting more as a controller. You're able to trigger effects, cue points, loops, and samples, as well as being able to load tracks and make doubles during your mix. It might make it easier for DJs who want to manipulate their sounds without having to hit the Serato Face on their laptops, but we have a feeling this could end up just being "another thing" that DJs have to keep control of. To be fair, it also mimics a lot of what we've seen the Traktor setups do, although the interface on this one looks like a lot of fun to play. Check out the demo video up above, and find out more about Serato Remote.

(Resident Advisor)