Jason Ano is responsible for some nutty visuals; most notably A$AP Rocky's "Purple Swag." He's been friends with SAV for quite some time, and it wasn't a surprise that they linked to give an EDM video a new twist. It starts with a woman getting chased by ninjas through a city. We quickly understand why she's being chased, watch her beat some serious ass, and get to see our favorite hype man Mysterio lend a helping hand. (khal note: That woman is played by Katie Stults, who I attended high school with. Talk about a small world!)

"FOK ME" is the lead single for SAV's YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER! EP, and strays from the moombahton sound that you know him for. The rest of this release features Happy Colors, who he's already collaborated quite a bit with, as well as SAV & Big Kid Xavier and MoXiie. You can stream the EP below, or just grab the full project.