While Roc Marciano didn't release his debut album Marcberg until 2010, the East Coast rapper/producer has an extensive rap background that goes all the way to back to sitting in on sessions at Public Enemy's Bomb Squad studio as a kid. Roc opened up on his start as a rapper, as well as his latest album Reloaded, in a recent interview with The Combat Jack Show.

Describing the hip-hop atmosphere coming up in Hempstead, Long Island, Roc explained that only a select few MC's from the neighborhood were given a stamp of approval, a far cry from today's Internet-savvy operation. "Back in those times, you had to be kind of chosen to really represent the hood," Roc said. "It's kind of like how Nas was for Queensbridge. I'm not calling myself Nas, but you could see how his people backed him. 'This is our rapper right here'."

He also discussed Reloaded, which has gained much praise for its throwback production and lyricism. Roc states that he dedicated the project to his newborn child. "I gave that album to my son," said Roc. "I was having a son, so it was like, yo, this got to be a masterpiece."

Check out the rest of the interview below, where Roc also details his time with Busta Rhymes and Flip Mode Squad and breaking through as a solo artist.

[via The Combat Jack Show]

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