Rob Swire, who many of you know as one half of Knife Party and one of the men behind Pendulum, has always made it a point to speak his mind. Lucky for us, he's pretty much on the money with his views. Yesterday, he took to Twitter to announce that starting in 2014, he will be taking six months off to make music. "Six months?!," you might exclaim, but Rob has a point, which he expounded upon: The business of EDM is about the music, but doesn't consider the time spent making music. In a system where you're not really making any money from the actual sales of music, the road becomes your bread and butter, which the record label(s) love. This can be the antithesis of what a producer wants, as their creativity is fostered by the ability to create (obvs). We applaud Rob for putting this rant into the air (which you can read up above).

We're not sure if this cycle will ever be flipped, as the influx of money coming into dance music is geared towards the festival and tour circuit, not necessarily on creating labels or a structure for producers to flourish in. Time will tell, but we have a feeling more DJs will see things the way Rob (and Feed Me) are seeing them.