Being an Atlanta man, Tip is all but obligated to dap OutKast. In 2003's "Bezzle," he gave shout-outs to ATL's finest duo (plus Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Scarface and others). Nine years later, he was speaking to Los Angeles' Power 106 when a conversation on Three Stacks (OutKast's André "3000" Banjamin) appearing on the T.I. tune "Sorry" segued into a discussion on T.I.'s four favorite MCs. "You gotta get Eminem, Jay, Three StacksLil Wayne," he said, pointing out Andre in particular. "You cannot disregard his contributions and his skill set. You got to acknowledge that."

Speaking to Ebony in 2010, T.I. listed five celebrities he admired for their business acumen, with only one name from his favorite rappers' list crossing over. Master P, Russell Simmons, Will Smith and Diddy made that second list, plus Jay-Z. "He done the rap shit to the best it could be done," T.I. said. "He's done it better than anyone who's ever done it."