As this list will show, Big Poppa is, and will probably always be, high on many rappers' best-rapper-ever lists. In a 1995 interview with Peace magazine that resurfaced online in the 2000s (there is some controversy about if the list is real, but it looks legit to us), Biggie was the one put on the hot seat and asked to share his evaluation of other rappers' skills on a scale of 1-to-10. He rated stars of all stripes, and here's how the results broke down.

Rated low to medium: E-40 (0) (E-40 later almost had Biggie killed over his comments), Spice 1 (0), R.A. the Rugged Man (2-3)

Rated medium to high: Craig Mack (4-5), Da Brat (6), DJ Quik (6-7), OutKast (6-7), Big Mike (6-7), Redman (7)

Rated high: Scarface (7-8), Snoop Dogg (8), MC Eiht (8)

Unrated: New Kingdom ("Who?"), KRS-One (negative opinion), Ice Cube (so-so), Cypress Hill (so-so), Coolio (leaning toward positive), Lil' Kim (positive), the Lady of Rage (positive), Naughty By Nature (positive), Doctor Dré/Ed Lover (positive)

Biggie awarded a perfect 10 to Nas, Jeru the Damaja, Guru, and Too $hort. "That's my dawg right there," he said, of $hort. "I love that nigga. That's my man."