One of the perks of being a rap journalist is all the free stuff you get. Okay fine, most of it could accurately be described as worthless junk like struggle mixtapes and being on the guestlist for a show for an act you never heard of. But one of the few decent perks is getting free promo shirts for labels, artists, and albums.

While the promo shirts get are usually best for sleep wear (I personally prefer to catch some ZZZs in my Nas' Life Is Good shirt) some of them are as good—if not better—than the rap shirts you buy for $20 at Urban Outfitters. And after about 10 years or so, those hard to find promo tees have a distinct throwback appeal. So Complex went through our deep closets and archives to pull out 50 Rap Promo Shirts You Wish You Owned. If only they weren’t all 6XL we’d totally wear them!

Photography by Liz Barclay  

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