Jay-Z once rapped that his soul was possessed by diamonds and Lexuses. Pusha T ought to rap about how his soul is possessed by rapping. The Virgina rapper may love rapping about moving cocaine, but his true addiction is rapping itself. How else can you explain the expression on his face when he performs? Talk about catching the Holy Ghost—we sometimes wonder whether his eyes are gonna roll back in his head, whether his head is gonna start spinning around on his neck. Pusha often spits so hard he sounds like he's trying to punch you through the microphone. And he's definitely one of those rappers who actually looks like he sounds. (Remember Krazee-Eyez Killa from Curb Your Enthusiasm?) Anyway, with his Def Jam debut album, My Name Is My Name, delayed another month (sigh), we dug up 16 Pictures of Pusha T Looking Possessed to hold you down.

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