Arguably the most anticipated record on Tech N9ne's upcoming album, Something Else, Complex premieres "Fragile," featuring Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, labelmates ¡Mayday! and Nashville singer Kendall Morgan.

Built over lean, yet piercing production courtesy of ¡Mayday! alongside Ralfy “FAFA” Valencia and Danny “Keys” Perez, the riveting track details each rappers' disdain for media criticism, setting off two equally impressive verses that warrant the replay button.

"Empty magazine, I seen a magazine/You seen my trigger finger, then I started shootin'/That was nicotine, I'm bout to smoke 'em all/And journalists involved who should've known my music," Kendrick declares.

This marks Tech N9ne and Kendrick Lamar's second collaboration, as their first dates back to Tech's 2011 album, All 6's and 7's. Even before these two revered MC's shared words on wax, their careers intertwined on Tech's "Independent Grind" tour in 2010, which prompted the fateful moment when West Coast legend Dr. Dre first heard Kendrick's music. The rest, as they say, is history.

Tech N9ne's Something Else will be released on July 30 through Strange Music.

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