This past weekend brought us Chicago’s annual Pitchfork Music Festival. It's been going on for nine years now (if 2005 can be considered its soft launch, then known as "Intonation") and its organizers have gotten it down to a science. They still haven’t found the volume knob on the mixing console—even tinnitus sufferers don’t need earplugs at Pitchfork—but the rest of it is a well-oiled machine. Performances start when scheduled, down to the minute; sound generated from three close-together stages barely bleeds into each other; and food, utilities, and creature comforts are in abundance. All of this leaves attendees free to navigate their own path through over 40 acts spread over three days. So here we to present The 10 Best Moments of The 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival. 

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Written by Daniel Margolis