I took notice of Phuture Doom when they remixed Birdy Nam Nam's "Defiant Order" at the beginning of the year. I didn't pay attention though, and look foolish as they get set to release an EP through Skrillex's OWSLA imprint.

This label continues to baffle me with their moves. I'm sincerely in love with their mentality in pushing records that break down the barriers holding back consumers and producers from true enlightenment. And while Phonat's glitched-out release was an absolute marvel to digest, the forthcoming Nightfall EP from Detroit's Phuture Doom isn't built to go down smoothly. Their single "Burn The Knowledge" has been offered up as a free download almost a month ahead of the release of the EP (which drops on July 23).

A press release for this says this offering will "impose a darkened aural assault that enmeshes the sounds of forgotten rave era techno with black metal accouterments." Somehow the video for this lead single fits this description, and is as incredible as the audio: