Never have I had this much dick in my life.  DICKSQUAD is headed by the homies Tanner Caldwell and RaceCarBed, who are turning this brand into an incredibly reputable force within the bass music scene.  They've been throwing really successful parties (the videos of the inflatable dick getting bounced around like a beachball is everything that a win represents), and really impressed me with the execution of this release.  It straddles juke and club quite flawlessly.

Now That's What I Call DICKSQUAD: Volume 1 is a phenomenal freebie.  And you know people made these records specifically for this project, as everyone had to use this vocal clip saying "dick".  The compilation features tracks from DJ Rell, DJ Kiff, Shooter McNappin, Buzz Trillington, Whiskers Po, RaceCarBed, Tone Capo, Tanner Caldwell, Thunderbird Juicebox, and Hi$to.  As much as I'd love to say I wrote this up to say dick a dozen times in an article, peep the tunes.  They're all large.