Notes To Self is a rap collective from Canada that injects a spice of modernity to a traditional style of hip-hop music. Complex is premiering the group's latest video for a song called "Popular Music." The song features a beat from BOOK & BRONZE that utilizes a minimalist sample with a hard bassline that makes it an instant headnodder. Meanwhile, each emcee from the collective plays off each other's energy with precise deliveries and crisp punchlines.

The video is helmed by RUFFNOTES, a collaboration between Notes To Self and RUFFMERCY, a British animator whose perhaps most well-known for adding his touch to Schoolboy Q's "There He Go" video. The setting for "Popular Music" is the Canadian National Exhibition, which happens to be Canada's largest fair of the year. The video shows the collective enjoying themselves at the fair, eating food and playing games. The animated effects are stunning and bring the viewers into an alternate dimension.

"Popular Music" appears on the physical version of Target Market [Recoil], the collective's most recent project to-date. Released in February, it features appearances by Evidence and Fashawn. Check out the video above and stay tuned for more material from the emerging Canadian crew in the near future.