Album: Public Domain 6: Walking The Plank
Producer: Young Los

As you'd expect from a rapper who splurged most of his earnings on having sex with porn star Roxy Reynolds in 5 Star hotel rooms instead of hiring a decent attorney to defend him in court, Max B was a dab hand at explicit sex rap. These were not the formulaic XXX-rated sex jams of the average rapper, the kind that make you feel as though you're listening to a horny teenage boy talk about breasts feeling like "bags of sand." Max was a hopeless romantic who just wanted to make the object of his affection feel like a fairytale princess as he "focused on (their) kitty." His attention to detail in this regard is worthy of the great Italian poet Francesco Petrarca's erotic sonnets to his own muse, Laura. (Petrarca is known as the "Father of Humanism.")

"Porno Muzik" stands out as a unique "Rap & Bullshit" masterpiece among Max's other amorous smut-cuts because it doesn't involve any illicit blowjobs from Jim Jones' wife, and Young Los' alluring production has the feel of the score for an alternate ending of Purple Rain, one where Prince and Apollonia have a threesome with a Mermaid under a purple waterfall. This is what it sounds like when byrds cry. —Marty Macready