The Weeknd has dropped a new song today, "Love In The Sky."

Over intense layers of melodies and Weeknd's wailing vocals, the 23-year-old singer goes deep into his psyche, delivering a haunting performance that will have the listener shaking.

"I'm flying around the world, I've been killing these shows/But I'm always getting high, because my confidence is low/And I'm always in a rush, ain't no time to fuck slow/And even if I tried, it's not something I would know." This is an audible thrill.

UPDATE: Shortly after unveiling the song, The Weeknd dropped a short video of the track's final portion. Check it out above.

The Weeknd's debut album, Kissland, will be released September 10.

[via MissInfo]

Also check out The Weeknd on Complex TV's Complex Music below. 

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