Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy, who rose to his initial success in the mid-2000s, partially with the crunk movement, then also with G-Unit, is back with new music. This time, he's recruited MMG representative Gunplay for the final verse of the song "Complicated." No Avril Lavigne.

Scrappy raps like he could have just started popping off, he doesn't seem at all out of place in rap's current climate. The song goes quite hard, too, and though it's difficult for any rapper to carry their own weight on a track that features Gunplay (it's a good thing they saved him for last), Scrappy is able to hold his own on the first two verses.

His life, evidently, is also a movie. Tune in below:

[via HipHopWired]

Also check out Gunplay on Complex TV's Combat Jack Show Ep 2 below.


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