It wouldn't really feel like summer without new music from Lana Del Rey. 

Last year, we watched the 10-minute music video/short film for "Ride," and the theatrical "National Anthem" visuals featuring A$AP Rocky as a young John F. Kennedy. 

This weekend, Lana announced that she will be releasing a 30-minute short film called "Tropico," "a tale of redemption told to the music of 'Body Electric,' 'God's and Monster's,' [and] 'Bel Air.'"

Lana has been working with Anthony Mandler, the music video director behind "Ride," and the chief photography will be completed by her sister, Chuck Grant. She has also linked up with producer Rick Rubin again who she worked with on Paradise, along with Dan Heath, Tim Larcombe, and Rick Nowels.

The "tale of redemption" will be told to her three standout tracks from Born to Die - The Paradise Edition.

She's been seen filming the short movie in Los Angeles. You can peep some behind the scenes photos over at Soundisstyle.

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