Controversial as soon as it came out due to its, um, forthright lyrics, there are things to like about Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop” and things that are harder to swallow. But the Mike Will-produced single will no doubt grow in popularity over the next few weeks, and for the official cover Cyrus recruited Atlanta rapper Khia, best known for 2002’s “My Neck My Back.” “Hannah Montana, she a big girl now,” Khia informs us, but there’s no way Cyrus could have managed a verse like the one added. There’s an altogether different dimension to the song with Khia here, and you’d be wise to return to this once the original starts to wear out its welcome on the airwaves.

While it seems like Khia jumped on the remix on her own free will, Miley has put her stamp of approval on it. The two have interacted in the past after Miley tweeted a picture of her listening to "My Neck My Back" several weeks ago. Check it out below.

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