Date: 5/21/2013
Caption: This is for sure the most exclusive #BIGGIE post of the day! This is the original contact sheet made from my 35mm film that I shot in NYC 1995 at the Palladium that is now destroyed and had become NYU dorms. It is the moment like no other that I've shot of BIG ripping the building apart. Lil Kim was losing her mind that night at BIG's delivery & the energy there. This truly was everything at the time, the best party of the decade. @shawn_carter_ was in the building with the big homie @busabusss. @lilkimthequeenbee was at one point holding my hand on stage because the room was so united and positive. We realized that we were on the presence of something we hadn't felt before. The most incredible frame was the one where The Notorious One was in the center of the frame delivering lyrical magic. But they're all gems. @iamdiddy had the place hype as Bad Boy had the throne at the time operated from their 19th street offices. @harvepierre & @mredlover were there... @karlkani... Truly anyone making a difference. I'm honored to bring this to y'all tonight as we celebrate the NICEST MC, "THE" BIGGIE SMALLS. @djclarkkent @hwmk! @mishaZ_ thank you for being my 9000th, you made this post happen. If the people want it, I may scan this exact sheet here and make a limited edition run of this contact sheet enlarged. Y'all let me know if you want it! Be blessed everyone! PS. If anyone knows the photographers that covered the event from the crowd, I NEED to see your photos as I know I'm in them. REWARD FOR THAT INFO!