Jesse Slayter is a superstar that hasn't quite been pulled up yet. He's one half of a group NEHON with an Australian producer named RATTRAPS. And his solo work is fucking ridiculous. It's been supported by anyone with an ear. But until he was CC'd in an email from Bro Safari to nearly 100 people, I had no clue who he was. The original email contained an early release. There's been dozens of producers using this one email thread to share their work.

Because I don't give a fuck, I decided to jump out as one of a small handful of people that didn't produce and say "hey guys give me exclusives." Jesse Slayter reached out. And here we are. We paired with Moombahton.NET to collaborate on the drop of this nutty release. The brilliance of this young talent shines through. I'm wondering how long it will be until the world notices.