It's rare that someone's college career can culminate in the offering of an album that showcases 4 years of hard work, and Jack Deezl is incredibly proud that he has been given this opportunity. While in the middle of producing this album and focusing on his studies, he's turned himself into the co-founder of Glitch Squad, released an EP and several singles, and rose one of Philly's premier DJs, consistently putting forth wondrous sets for crowds that arrive to see heavy-hitting headliners. But Disillusion is the antithesis of every moment I have ever shared with him.

We gave the title track away on TrapMusic.NET and talked in person about our surprise at how positive the feedback was. As followers seem to expect things to fit within a mold on that network, we were baffled that there was so much love when the offering we placed forth didn't. The "drop" (if you can even call it that) didn't land until almost four minutes into the record, yet it logged 30,000 plays, and almost all of the feedback was positive. I only touch records I believe in, but always smile when people accept things that don't quite fit the norm.

Jack Deezl has poured his heart into this completely original record. This isn't meant to be aggressive or pack dancefloors or satisfy the mainstream. It's meant to take you on a journey. To make you think. To make you feel. The mix of live guitar, spacious sounds, and unexpected drum patterns fit together so incredibly well. We suggest you stream this album below, and purchase it if you like it. He spent more time and energy than 10,000 buys can replace, and artists that provide us a break from the scene's standards should really be rewarded.